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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

Who We Are

One of our community’s greatest challenges is helping those of us suffering from substance use disorder, such as drug and/or alcohol dependency. Many of those we love are additionally struggling with mental health issues, which occur simultaneously for these individuals. Caledonia Care Group is committed to providing an empathetic, compassionate, and integrated approach to helping them make healthy, positive changes and improve their lives. We advocate Continuum of Care for all of our consumers coming from the community, homeless shelters, probation offices, hospitals, detox units, and jail systems.

At Caledonia Care Group, we use evidenced-based, best practice treatment models to help people make changes in problematic behavior. Caledonia Care Group is a non-profit organization that is committed to guiding individuals who have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction to become prepared, determined, and successful throughout the predictable, yet difficult, path and process of change.

What We Do

Caledonia Care Group has developed an integrated and compassionate approach to substance use counseling, which includes a focus on the stages of change, relapse prevention planning, information, education, life skills development, and building social support systems. Our comprehensive services also include psychiatric evaluation and treatment referrals if needed, crisis intervention referrals and learning to access community resources. We try to help those struggling with the often complex problems brought on by substance use.

Four raised hands touching each other in a group therapy.
Two people holding hands in an individual therapy.
A hand holding two paint brushes in an art therapy.

Group Therapy

Communicate and reconnect with peers by engaging in genuine talks about your experience, life, and even pain.

Individual Therapy

This therapy has been designed to dig deeper into the subconscious of our clients. This is to assess in which areas we can continue to assist more.

Art Therapy

Everyone is creative in some way and there's no other way to express yourself by using colors and hues.

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Caledonia Care Group | Statesville

Main Office
248 East Broad Street

Statesville NC 28677
Office: 866-314-0999


Sober Living Facility - "Crescent Home"
     Bryson City, NC 

Office: 844-738-9848

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