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Services & Programs

Caledonia Care Group is a non-profit organization that offers various beneficial services and programs for individuals suffering from substance abuse, alcohol, and other related addictions.

Addiction Recovery Services

Day Treatment

Caledonia Care Group has day treatment services that allow our clients to function successfully in the community by stabilizing and addressing their behavior and symptoms. Our day treatment programs provide close monitoring and planning to help prevent deterioration in functioning and strengthen self-sufficiency.

Addiction Recovery Services

Outpatient Treatment

We understand that inpatient treatments can sometimes be disruptive in your normal routine so we also offer outpatient services. You may give us a call or walk-in to schedule an appointment.

Addiction Recovery Programs

Family Care

Family is very important to recovering residents' well-being so we encourage family members to pay them a visit weekly. We welcome visitors every Sunday afternoon to enjoy each other's company in our backyard. We also have meeting rooms for those needing some privacy during their visits.


We offer a variety of options in our programs to cater into the right care you need. From short term to long term recovery care and even post care services, we provide programs for each.

30 Day Residential Care

This is intended for clients who wish to stay short term. It may be for the reason that they find themselves about to go into relapse or for wanting to do a trial before they fully commit to the Caledonia Care Group way.

Long Term Recovery

Residents who are done with their treatment may wish to stay longer with our transitional living program if they're not quite ready to be on their own. They can enjoy the same benefits when they first signed up.

Aftercare Advocacy

After finishing treatment with us, we follow up on our former residents and see how they're doing and provide assistance if we can when they need it. We also help them find employment when they go on their own.

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