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About Us

Caledonia Capital Group is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit facility that provides affordable wellness and therapeutic services to people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse without compromising the quality of our programs.

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Our Approach

We put CARE in the center of our activities. Every day is a new day in Caledonia Care Group with various therapies, individual counseling, yoga and meditation, weekly spa and wellness, and even simple house tasks to bring a sense of normalcy in day-to-day life. Outdoor activity is encouraged for a well rounded life. 

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Philosophy of Recovery

The road to recovery is not an easy road so we bring a bigger reason for you to trust in the process and that is to fully immerse yourself in our teachings through our CARE-based system. Living in peace and harmony is what we strive for in Caledonia Care Group.

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Commitment to Clients

We are fully devoted to assisting you with finding your right path. When you stay with us, we are diligent in making certain that all substances that have caused you harm will be absent. We do not want any disruption towards the flow of your recovery. A weekly drug and liquor test will be conducted for everyone. Individual counseling twice a week is also done to check the mental well-being of our residents.

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